KEYWORD: How-to MailChimp

So, I’m setting up an automation in MailChimp, and it’s really a bit more complicated than I thought. First, you have to define a segment, then you have to design each of the e-mails in the series. Then there’s scheduling. And last, but not least, turning the darn thing on. I had thought for the past several weeks that I had an automation turned on and it was going out on a regular basis (1st weekend after subscription, one week after that, then two weeks after that). Turns out I had forgotten to turn the darn thing on. I got it now, and this weekend it should send out the first set of e-mails, but I’m worried about whether I’ve got it setup correctly.

I will say this, though, MailChimp has some pretty awesome options for automations: you can send specific e-mails to people who have opened your e-mail or those that haven’t, those that have clicked something in your e-mail or haven’t, those that are new additions, or veteran subscribers; those that have completed an automation sequence, have unsubbed, have bought something from your store, or even based on custom attributes in your e-mail database stored with them, like demographics. It’s actually pretty cool.

On a side note: which is weirder? Being on your own mailing list, or not being on your own mailing list (I ask because I always want to know exactly what the experience is for my readers / viewers / subscribers so I can understand what’s happening if something goes wrong, and – hopefully – correct it before they notice)