Relocating the office

By the time this goes live, we should have received our final “Clear to Close” on the new house, which will also include our new office space.  Over the next few days and weeks, productivity might be slowed down as we transition out of our former, temporary living and working arrangements and into something that is much, much better.  For those who are curious, we are moving from what is basically a luddite community in Western Maryland to the bright shiny middle of the technology corridor in Central Michigan.  I’m not expecting the weather to be any worse.  Cheers to us for the new home!

To learn more about who we are and what we do, sign up for our mailing list at  Coming soon: a specialized landing page!

Pruning the Tree

So, yesterday, I was trying to import our mailing list from the website into MailChimp, to better take advantage of the many additional options that MailChimp offers. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of the registered e-mail addresses were considered ‘invalid’ by the MailChimp server. After some careful examination, I discovered that these ‘invalid’ e-mail addresses were what I’m calling ‘burner’ e-mails. Non-permanent, non-assigned e-mails that literally anyone can use with just the e-mail address, obviously employed to avoid spam while capitalizing on any offers associated with providing an e-mail address.

So, while it saddened me greatly to do so, I had no choice but to prune out those e-mail addresses from our already woefully small mailing list. If you used one of those e-mail addresses to register on our site, I’m sorry, but you won’t be getting any of the updates or any additional free materials through those e-mail addresses. They are gone. If you were serious about wanting to know more about Ring Drop Press, you can re-register using our new system at

Anyone else who wants to know more about us, our book releases, upcoming projects, or past successes can also register at, so come on over and give us a look. You won’t be sorry you did.

We also got a Share!

A couple of days ago now, we also got this notice of an actual, official SHARE on Faceook:

Come on over and check out today’s FREE and $0.99 deals including Winter’s Fallen by: A. F. Dery. Genres: Romance, Speculative (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Paranormal) | Rating: Moderate. FREE now on most platforms! Deal ends: Unknown

More than Grace’s freedom is in peril and nothing is as it seems in this suspenseful fantasy romance with a Gothic twist. #mybookcave

We got a feature!

So, found this in the AF Dery spam folder on Facebook today:

“Hello A.F. Dery!
Your book has been featured on our facebook page for our kindle readers:

If it’s still free, please have it like&share on your page or of your fans&friends, because the more activity that link gets, the longer it would stick on our readers home feeds.

Gracie Lou
Ebook Deals Admin”