Welcome to Ring Drop Press! We are serious lovers of fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction, both with and without romance. Started in 2014 as a “crazy idea,” Ring Drop Press continues to evolve as we add exciting new authors and diverse genres to our family.

We have three great writers currently working on a fantastic array of projects for us:  A. F. Dery (who also writes as Amanda Dery),  J. M. Dery, and T. F. Dery, as well as our in-house editor, S. W. Tepes.

Our current offerings include:

The Broken Mirrors Duology (Broken Mirrors; Broken Lords, and now with postquel Wedding the Dread Lord!); The Conquest of Kelemir series (Winter’s Fallen; Cast in Stone; Lord of WarBound in BloodForged in SpiritThe Beast of Lyntara); Breath of LifeFellowship of the Box Bearer; Dreams AwakeDreams AsleepWicca: From the Ground Up; Ornathia: Prologue; Life in Crises Mode; 1st Sustainment Brigade Yearbook 2007-2009; and 1st Sustainment Brigade Yearbook 2010-2011.

The following projects are currently in the works: Silverfire; A Soldier’s Tail; and 20 Years of Screaming: the Life of a Career Soldier (working title), and Where Honor Lies, the newest story from A.F. Dery!

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